A new dimension to your garden

When you introduce water to a garden, you have another element which brings new dimensions and an abundance of life.

Not only will you increase the range of flora and fauna, you will also have a multitude of visual effects a water feature will bring you.

Infinte possibilities

When I talk about water features, I don't mean a kidney shaped pond with a bit of irregular shaped paving around it.

There are infinite possibilities.

Each design will be unique to your garden but with a theme in mind. Rock pools, raised pools, wildlife pools, meandering streams, cascading waterfalls, or even bring a touch of the orient into your garden and have a Japanese pool with a Feng Shui theme.

I love creating water features

I love creating these gardens. I have a huge level of experience from work I have done in the past with many satisfied customers.

Words could not describe the joy on their faces when they see their new feature. Consider a water feature in your garden and let it speak volumes for you.