A whole new education outside your door

I love creating wildlife gardens. It opens up a whole new world and introduces more than just a garden. It's a whole new education right outside your door. There is a huge variety of plants I use to encourage different types of wildlife into the garden.

Hedgehogs and Stoats

However it isn't just plants which attract new life. Other elements such as water increase the amount of life in your garden. You may think that a dead tree or an old stump needs to be removed when you are having a garden designed.

In some instances this may be the case, but if this were left to nature you would be amazed at the amount of extra life such as colourful fungi and fascinating insects this would bring into the garden, not to mention hedgehogs and even stoats.

When it's all managed properly the results can be spectacular.

Birds, bees, fish, butterflies and dragonflies

Water features bring in new life. Amphibians like frogs and newts will suddenly become accommodated in their new home. As time passes by the garden will mature into a haven for sweet smelling plants, bees, birds, fish, butterflies, dragonflies and the sound of running water which really will make a difference. Have a look at some of the projects which have produced these results.